Cruise Missile Obliterates Stockholm!

At 3.0 am this morning, a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead landed in the centre of Stockholm. The city is now flattened, and there is at the moment no report of any survivors .

At 10.0 am the Chinese broadcast an ultimatum to the Swedish Government: if they did not hand over IKEA, its entire stock, its financial assets in totality, China was declaring war on Sweden. Commentators hastened to condemn the oriental perfidy which attacks first, and then declares war after the pre-emptive strike. …

Absurd of course.

Is Nuclear Deterrence helped by a Nuclear Deterremt? Sweden has no nuclear deterrent. 

 Sweden last went to war 200 years ago. Switzerland also has not waged war for about 200 years. Even in the Second World War Sweden and Switzerland avoided being invaded. The duty of a nation’s government is to defend the lives of its citizens, and to maintain the nation’s currency. In both these fundamental tasks, the British government has failed conspicuously, by comparison with the governments of Sweden, and Switzerland. Sweden is almost certain never to be invaded, because it has given up invading other countries. The last significant war fought by Sweden was two hundred years ago, the Russian-Swedish war of 1808 – 1809. (There was then a minor war in 1814, when Sweden invaded Norway; it did not last long, or cause many casualties) Dare we say the Swedish people have sensibly realised there is nothing to be gained by fighting wars? We can find a long list of Swiss wars … in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth, centuries.. But the only war in the last two hundred years was the Sonderbund War, a civil war fought between the League of Catholic cantons and the Swiss Federation.  It lasted from November 3rd to November 26th, 1847. There were less than a hundred casualties. Immediately the Federal army had won, they started ministering to the wounded, an action which led to the founding of the Red Cross. I think we might certainly say the Swiss have sensibly realised there is nothing to be gained by fighting wars.

What is the role of Government? The role of Government is to defend the lives of its citizens, and to maintain the currency. Which Government has defended the lives of its citizens more successfully, that of the United Kingdom or that of Sweden? Let us imagine the answer to that question given by a British mother who has received the body of her son blown to unrecognisable bits by an Iraqi or Afghan bomb.

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